Truly Unique Girls & Boys

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Truly Unique Girls & Boys

Truly Unique Girls & Boys 

Family, friends, and community are the beliefs that our events are fou
nded on.  Our program is designed to promote girls of all ages and boys 12 and under, and to make them feel great about themselves from beginning to end.  We have lots of community fun planned throughout the year such as Parade appearances, Community Service, and more!  Much, much more is planned for the girls and boys to be recognized and a part of their communities!
We are all about family, friendships and lifelong memories.  We believe Truly Unique Girls & Boys offers the kind of environment girls and boys need to succeed in life.  They will learn the skill of public speaking, how to present themselves on stage and through conversation, they will learn the importance of community, helping others and being a role model that others will look up to.

We are a natural system. Contestants are scored poise, personality, speaking skills and overall presentation.  We never judge on clothes or makeup but the total wholesome, all American girl and boy image that we would like to represent our system.  

This year everyone can compete at National Finals as a contestant at large.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Happy Pageanting!

No Experience is necessary!